2020 Google Ads: Average Position and Phrase Match are dead and buried

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Google Ads

2020 Google Ads: Average Position and Phrase Match are dead and buried   Late last year Google Ads gave the kiss of death to two metrics long relied upon by advertisers. Namely, average position and phrase match.   What does this mean for your search advertising strategy and what the hell was Google thinking? Here’s the low-down on Google’s latest … Read More

SEO 2019: What should you be doing?

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SEO 2019

It comes to something when Brian Dean (aka Backlinko) relegates links to almost an afterthought of his review of what will be needed for SEO in 2019. Don’t get me wrong. He’s at pains to stress that ‘Google recently came out and said that content and links are [still] their #1 and #2 ranking factors’. But he’s also aching to … Read More

Why your bounce rate and time on page data from Google Analytics is pants

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  Let’s start with showing some love: I really appreciate all that Google Analytics offers for free. I love using it – and you are pretty much lost without some kind of Analytics to guide you through the minotaur’s labyrinth that is your website.   And now let’s be a hater: The way Google Analytics calculates bounce rate and time … Read More

Your go-to guide to Google Tag Manager

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  Quite simply you need Google Tag Manager. GTM makes your life so much easier. It dispenses with the need to go running to your web developer every time you need to add a tag, code snippet or change the way you track your audience. This go-to GTM guide is for those who are wondering what all the fuss is … Read More

Email outreach and the best SEO guide ever

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  Here are some quick thoughts on email outreach best practice courtesy of my new buddies over at Mangools.   First the back story… This is a real-life example of just how effective email outreach can be when it’s carried out with wit, intelligence and careful research and targeting.   A while back I published the last blog post from … Read More

PPC keywords – does the long tail still wag Google Ad’s dog?

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  Long tail keywords are often hailed as the understated heroes of search: they are cast as the SEO’s saviour and the PPC specialist’s best friend. Hmmm: not convinced.   Here’s how the story goes. In terms of SEO… Long tail keywords are said to be where competition is less fierce – and so offer low hanging fruit ready for … Read More

Say hello to Google Ads (and wave goodbye to Google AdWords)

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Say hello to Google Ads (and wave goodbye to Google AdWords)   You may have heard that Google is retiring its AdWords brand in the biggest PPC shake-up since 2000 – when it first launched the service into a PPC space that was still very much in its infancy. Need more info? Here you go…     A quick PPC … Read More

The forgotten art of using search operators for SEO

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The forgotten art of using search operators for SEO   Hardly a day goes by without a brand-new tool for SEO being released. Don’t get me wrong this is no Luddite intervention harking back to the ‘good old days’. (You know when a heavy dose of keyword stuffing and a few directory listings did the trick). Things have certainly changed… … Read More

Essential SEO tools and the best SEO guides

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  With so many SEO tools and SEO guides around it’s hard to know where to begin. But I’m about to show you. And many are free.   But, first, let me get all melancholy. With a tear in my eye, here’s the last of the Fast Track SEO Course series posts. There’s been about 30 posts in total – … Read More

The SEO dream team: SEO influencers you should be following

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seo dream team

  Ever wondered just who could help keep you up to date with all things SEO? You’ll find them right here: the SEO dream team.   But first you’ll have to excuse us for a mo because we have a little victory dance to do.   If you’ve been following all the Fast Track SEO Course posts it’s time to … Read More