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  • In-depth keyword research helps you to understand the search terms that matter to your business.
  • Semantic-based keyword research offers you a competitive advantage by allowing your web pages to be written in a way that today´s intelligent search engines expect them to be.
  • All keyword reports are provided with full explanations and advice help you to understand the search landscape and make it work for your website.

I’m a Brighton-based SEO expert with more than 15 years online marketing experience. Keyword research is part of a much wider picture for me rather than an obssessive end in itself.

If you look at my client testimonials you will see how I can place your keyword research as a part of a highly effective internet marketing strategy. Other connected services I offer include:

The function and importance of keywords is changing.

Contact me for friendly advice and insightful comments about how you can best leverage search terms to drive visitors to your site…

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“Words aren´t powerful.
The right words are.”

 The keyword research service highlights


Keyword research matters because if your business is not there from the start of the search it simply isn’t going to get the end results.

This is where it all begins: keyword analysis is the foundation of your SEO, your ear to the ground and your route to your market.

keyword research represented by google logo and magnifying glassIn the beginning was the search…

  • 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

And the search was good…

  • Over 80% of all offline and online purchases now involve search.

And it just keeps getting bigger and better.

  • There are 6 billion searches on Google every single day and since 2009 search volume has grown by 250%.

Keyword research can deliver traffic to your website.
But the best keyword research will deliver the right sorts of visitors.

It can deliver you customers and leads in abundance.
But the best delivers them with intent.

It can highlight the search terms with search volume for your business.
But the best ensures these are ones you can realistically rank for.

“In the history of marketing, there has never been such a low barrier to entry in understanding the motivations of consumers in virtually every niche.”

Maybe it’s because the barrier seems to be set so low that keyword research continues to trip up so many businesses. If you are looking for keyword research that makes a difference your search is over. Talk to me today, or read on to find out just what sets effective keyword research apart.

The lowdown on my keyword research service


“Keyword research is market research for the 21st century”
Brian Dean


keyword research jokeHere are two SEO jokes, gags, one-liners, witticisms, quips, wise-cracks.

Yes, I’m afraid that is the first joke. And the second doesn’t get much better…

SEO, optimisation, keyword targeting, leveraging search.

It’s all semantic isn’t it?

The truth is that, actually, SEO increasingly is all semantic. Search engines are smart and getting smarter. Let’s look at what the new search landscape means for the humble keyword.

Hummingbird, semantic search and keyword analysis


head with gears representing search intent

Long gone are the days where a page could rank simply by using a keyword as often as possible. Such tactics no longer get you noticed, but they may get you a penalty notice.

Google’s Hummingbird algorithm has brought semantics, synonyms and context to the fore, and your keyword research must follow suit or your business will be left behind.

  • It’s no longer about trying to second-guess what exact search terms people are using. Instead it’s all about intent: making sure you are providing content that addresses the reasons why people are looking for something.
  • It’s no longer about a separate page that targets every variant or synonym for your keywords. Instead it’s all about richer content that helps clothe your target keywords in terms that anchor its context.
  • It’s no longer about a singular keyword focus but providing a credible home for the searches you want to invite.

Keyword research today requires a different mind-set because the search landscape has changed. That’s why it is best carried out with a Traffic Report that highlights how visitors currently reach your site and what they do when they get there. It requires a holistic overview rather than a quick plug in of one or two phrases into Google’s Keyword Tool to see what it spits out.

Keyword tool cartoon

Here’s what my keyword research will give you for each major section of your site


  • Core keywords
    These are the phrases that pay and the terms you should look to target directly and accommodate longer tail searches for.
  • Correspondents
    These correlates are phrases that will be expected to be found around your core keywords and will aid the post-Hummingbird recognition of your pages.
  • Synonyms
    These similar phrases will likewise bolster the recognition of the core keywords and help avoid any appearance of keyword stuffing.
  • Qualifiers
    These are terms that can either be added to the core keywords, or used separately but near them, to attract longer tail searches.

Here’s how your keyword research will be conducted


I do not offer ´typical´keyword research.

The usual way such research is carried out goes something like this:

  • Make a list of likely search terms.
  • Feed them into Google’s Keyword Tool.
  • Collate the suggestions it spits out.
  • Plump for a target keyword based on an intuitive combination of search volume figures and commercial intent estimations.

The problem with this approach is it fails to give you a competitive edge.

Here’s why…

For a start everyone else is doing exactly the same, so anyone in your industry has probably come to the same conclusions as you.

Secondly, as useful as the Keyword Tool is, it tends to always find the same closely-related keywords no matter what you throw at it. It’s great for measuring but not so fantastic for ideas.

So what can you do instead?

Here are some different ways to find keyword ideas:

  • Other keyword tools
  • Forums
  • Brainstorming
  • Social media tools such as BuzzSumo
  • The ‘searches related to’ box on Google
  • And many, many more

Of course, just having more keywords in themselves is meaningless. Now is when you should plug them into the old, faithful Keyword Tool to see what you’ve got.

And you can bet it won’t be the same as everyone else!

Effective keyword research is in the search results


keyword research search results page

You now have a sense that not all keyword research is the same.

  • Most continues to ignore semantics.
  • Very little looks beyond Google’s Keyword Tool for ideas.
  • And I’m about to show you one more difference.

Imagine you wanted a 3 bed semi-detached house and had a budget of £250K. But your agent just kept sending you details of areas where houses of this sort cost £500K.

You’re on a hiding to nothing, right?

Unless you could find an agency that could show you where houses like the one you wanted in good areas could be had for £200K.

And now you are back in business.

It’s the same with keyword research. If you actually take the time to look at the search results that your identified phrases return then you can begin to pick off the weak players on the search court.

Any result where there is a firm grip on page one is going to take a lot of work to reach. These will be search terms dominated by sites whose authority and optimisation suggests its going to be a tough battle to achieve a position.

It is the search terms that are slightly off the beaten track and lead to a page that looks like there are some openings on that keyword research should be identifying for you. These are results pages where there are sites that, with a little extra work, you could replace.

And now you are doing business.

Fancy trying it?

You might need a little content marketing and link building to seal the deal and claim that position.

But I can help you with that. It´s what I do.

In one sense your search is over. In another your search journey is just about to begin.

Contact me to find out what a difference effective keyword research can make.