fast track seo course cover


Fast Track SEO Course:
All you need to grab a slice of Google’s action


A complete SEO course available to download to take you from not ranking to top ranking in no time at all.

  • 400 pages
  • Easy to read
  • Refreshingly jargon-free
  • Quick quizzes
  • Recommended free tools
  • Links to the best SEO advice on the web


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


Total SEO coverage – made totally accessible


Here’s what your fast-track SEO course covers:

1/ What is SEO?



  • Black hat and white hat SEO
  • SEO and PPC

The search landscape

  • The importance of search
  • Some Google search statistics
  • Types of search

Looking under the search engine bonnet

  • How do search engines work?
  • Google’s philosophy
  • Google’s ranking factors

Mapping the results page

  • The anatomy of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP)
  • Paid search
  • Organic (or natural) search
  • Local results

The latest changes to SEO

  • How has SEO changed?

2/ Understanding YOUR search landscape


How does SEO look from where you are sitting?

  • What are your search goals?
  • Understanding your search competition
  • The competitive ranking factors


  • Understanding keyword research
  • Using keywords effectively
  • Keyword placement
  • Keyword relevancy and Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)

3/ On-page optimisation


URLs and the Head section

  • URLs
  • Meta titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • Meta robots versus robots.txt
  • Open Graph and Twitter cards

The Body section

  • Heading tags
  • The Knowledge Graph and schema markup
  • Duplicate content
  • Quality and unique content
  • Readability
  • Length
  • Recency
  • Images, videos and infographics

Internal and external links and site structure

  • Sitemaps
  • Status Codes
  • Content hubs
  • External links

Mobile-first and fast

  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendly sites

4/ Off-page optimisation


The tricky social question

  • Social signals and ranking factors
  • Social correlation

The essential backlink quest

  • Understanding backlinks
  • Understanding PageRank and other measures of authority
  • Toxic links
  • Authority, trust and relevancy
  • What factors can dilute or strengthen a backlink signal?

Practical backlink tips

  • Link building and link earning
  • The irresistible rise of content marketing
  • 21 ways to build and earn links like a boss

5/ Local SEO


What is local SEO?

  • How to optimise your site for local search
  • What are the ranking factors for local SEO?
  • Google My Business
  • Local SEO on-page ranking factors
  • Local business directories and citations
  • Local reviews

6/ SEO influencers, tools and resources



  • Who to follow (or the SEO dream team)

SEO tools

  • Free SEO tools reviewed, rated and recommended

SEO guides

  • Further advice available online





Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


Isn’t it time you stopped wondering about SEO and started doing it?


If you’ve ever stared at Google’s search results and wondered why you’re not there – then this Fast Track SEO Course is for you.


  • It assumes no prior knowledge at all
  • No digital skills
  • No marketing experience
  • No technical wizardry

And all you are asked to bring to the table is the desire to succeed.

Think you can do that?


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


You are already halfway to SEO success


You are probably closer to understanding SEO than you believe.


I’m assuming you already understand everything about your business, your customers and your competition?

That’s great: this understanding forms the foundation of SEO success.

All you really need now is to know what to do and this course provides the SEO icing on your marketing cake.


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


The problem with most SEO courses is this…


The problem with trying to learn SEO with most courses is that they tend to fall into two camps (and neither is pitched quite right).


Some courses make everything so simple to understand but, in doing so, they actually offer no real value or actionable advice.

Thin ice sure does look beautiful – and you can glide over its surface for a bit – but you catch the death of a cold when you finally fall into the murky depths that lie beneath.


Other courses assume you’ve been working in a digital marketing agency for the past six years and everything comes at you thick, fast and as densely packed as a rush-hour train.

There are technical terms, acronyms, qualifications for every statement, seven sides to every coin, copious data extracts, impenetrable surveys, pompous expert interviews and…… AAARRRGGGH: stop right there.

When you want to dive into the water for the first time, you want to do so from the poolside not the Olympic platform that towers overhead.


In front of you now is an SEO course that is different.


This course will not intimidate you, but it won’t patronise you either. It will introduce topics simply and, where you need to understand complexities, it will make sure they are understood.

Think of this book as an SEO survival kit.

It will make sure that everything you need to optimise your site is easy to find and understand. And it will make sure you know exactly how to do it.


Its goal is not to be simple.

Nor is its aim to be complex.


This book will make SEO immediately usable.


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


Ready to get on the fast track to SEO success?


Get on board – it’s going to be a fun ride!


1. We’ll take things logically.
2. We’ll explain every SEO term and concept as it’s introduced.
3. We’ll never get pompous with our language – let’s keep this conversational.
4. We’ll break things up into bite-size pieces.
5. We’ll give you a quick quiz to make sure you’ve understood every section.
6. And as soon as you’ve got it we’ll move on – there’s a lot of ground to cover and we’ll make sure you cover it fast.

Along the way you’ll have plenty of opportunities to branch off and explore areas in more detail by following links to the very best articles and resources out there.


This is not dumbed-down SEO – this is accessible and actionable SEO for business and website owners. And it’s going to work for you.


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today

The first rule of SEO


The first rule of SEO is that it’s not that hard.


Of course, the SEO industry has a vested interest in making you think it’s rocket science.

But don’t believe the hype: SEO is much more about common sense than tricks or sleight of hand.

Don’t just take my word for it, though, here is what Google has to say:


“Focus on the user and all else will follow.”


What this means is that if you are providing your audience with what they truly want – and doing it in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd – your time on the search engine results pages (SERPs) will not be far away.

Remember that you are already halfway to SEO success. And this book will show you how to take your understanding of your business and inject it with the SEO knowledge you need.


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today


Here’s what you are going to take away from this SEO course


By the end of this book’s SEO course you will:


Understand the benefits that SEO can offer your business

• Appreciate how the search landscape is changing – from the way Google ranks your website to the way its results pages work

• Know exactly what ranking factors are used – and how you can use these to your advantage

• Realise the ways you can gain a competitive advantage by making simple changes on your site

• Grasp the critical importance of securing links from other sites to improve your search positions

• Be armed with more than 221 actionable ways you can get these links without incurring a penalty

• Recognise how social media and SEO can benefit each other

• Be able to trigger your site for local searches looking for your products or services


Download your 400-page SEO course today for all the tips, tactics and strategies you need to get your place on those search pages.


Enjoy the course – you are going to love the results!


Fast Track SEO Course Cover

Download your 400-page SEO course today