Fast track SEO course

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seo course

Fast track SEO course

In a series of posts I offer an accessible introduction to SEO for anyone who has stared at Google’s results pages and wondered why they aren’t there.

The simple answer is: you should be.

And I’m about to show you how you could be.


These posts are adapted from a complete Fast track SEO course that is available from Amazon.

It covers everything you need to blow the cobwebs off your SEO – and it reads like a breeze.

It costs just £4.99.


Discover how easy SEO can be – when you know what you are up to.

But if you’re not sure its for you, why not dip into these posts and, if you want the complete soak, you know where to turn the taps on.


  1. What is SEO
  2. The Big G and the importance of search
  3. How do search engines work?
  4. What does Google want?
  5. Google’s ranking factors
  6. Understanding search engine results pages (SERPs)
  7. How has SEO changed?
  8. Understanding keyword research and the long tail
  9. On-page SEO: Understanding meta titles and descriptions
  10. On-page SEO: Understanding duplicate content
  11. On-page SEO and Google’s Knowledge Graph
  12. On-page SEO and Schema Markup
  13. On-page SEO: Site structure, content hubs and internal links
  14. On-page SEO: Is your site speed slowing you down
  15. On-page SEO: the importance of a mobile-friendly site
  16. On-Page SEO: your on-page SEO checklist
  17. The importance of off-page optimisation for SEO
  18. Social media and SEO: charting the correlations
  19. Links – the lynch-pin of successful off-page SEO
  20. Why links matter for SEO – and why not all links are equal
  21. The ranking factors of backlinks for SEO
  22. The link building spectrum: from link building to link earning
  23. 11 SEO link building tactics you don’t need a marketing agency for
  24. Local SEO:an introduction
  25. Local SEO: how to optimise your site for local search
  26. The SEO dream team: SEO influencers you should be following
  27. Essential SEO tools and the best SEO guides


There’s more to come – I’m adding as fast as I can publish – but if you can’t wait, hop over to Amazon little bunny, and get the complete Fast track SEO course now.


seo course