SEO outreach to social and online influencers


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  • Does your business need to establish its authority, promote its content or reach new audiences?
  • You can amplify your brand and content marketing by reaching out to social and online influencers.
  • Why not harness their large audiences for your messages?

I’m a Brighton-based SEO outreach expert with more than 15 years’ experience of achieving sales and lead generation through the promotion of content.

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What is influencer outreach?


“Influencers are people with significant networks (followers, readers, etc.) who can speak to a broad range of products and services with the ability to sway opinions in their favor.”
Jess Estrada


Influencers can offer you more credibility, more visitors and more conversions.

I can identify them for you, reach them and create content to convince them: they will do the rest of the work for free.

Influencer research

An influencer is someone who can amplify your message. They are the sort of person you want talking about you behind your back or fronting your brand for you.

Influencer effects

It’s not just about reaching more of your audience: it’s about reaching them more effectively.
What do you believe: a slogan on a billboard or a recommendation from someone you trust?

influencer quote on post it noteInfluencer outreach and content marketing

Quality content is often the route to an influencer’s ear and the best way to get them actively spreading the word.

Develop it and let them know where it is and what it does.

Through their authority and following they will work their magic for you.

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“When it comes to measuring influence, it is important to remember that the primary objective of an influencer program is not just to influence the influencer.
The real objective is to influence the influencer’s network.
This is the point at which the impact of engagement is both felt and measured.”
Tim Williams

The influencer lowdown


Let’s try and picture an influencer…

The truth is you can’t.

An influencer will look different for each sector, business and campaign. An influencer can be many things, which is why researching them is crucial. There simply can’t be a ready-made list.

There are some traits that unite all influencers, however.

  • Influencers are active on social media.
  • They are likely to blog and they often have authoritative websites of their own.
  • They are strongly identified with a niche and regularly promote innovation or research that relates to it.
  • They have a large number of followers and readers who actively share their latest posts, links and pages.

influencer as large trwitter symbol with following

 Why you need outreach to influencers


“True influence drives action, not just awareness.”
Jay Baer

A common first response to influencer outreach often goes something like this:

“Why do I need a third party to promote my business: isn’t that what my marketing budget is for? And at least I can just about control that!”

OK, so picture this…

30s ad for skin cream

You drive past a billboard proclaiming the regenerating effects of a skin cream.

Gone is the age when we believe such hidden persuasions alone command us to think, feel or act differently.

Later in the day you have coffee with a friend who tells you the same thing.

Suddenly it commands your attention, carries a ring of truth and may inspire you to try it out for yourself.

Now imagine your friend has a social circle of five thousand close friends.

And she is known amongst them as a beauty expert so they listen closely when she tells them about this new product that she loves.

Your friend is the influencer.

She has the power to regenerate and reinvigorate your tired marketing tactics and give your brand that longed for longevity.


grouped people make shape of 92% to represent importance of influencers


Market research carried out by Nielsen found that 92% of global consumers trust ‘earned media’, such as word-of-mouth, above all other forms of advertising.



Trust me I'm an ad man

An influencer is like this mutual friend who connects your business with its target audience.

They make the introductions and connections.
They bring the trust and conviction.
They provide your visitors.
They give you the conversions.

Forget the Ad Man.


“The best advertising isn´t advertising.”
Ajay Ahem

Ripples in a pond


ripples on water to represent the effect of influencers


Throw a stone in a pond and it disappears without trace…
…But its ripples spread out wider and wider.

An influencer does not just bring you access to their own audience.

As a trusted and respected source of information their latest thoughts are widely shared. All of a sudden you are reaching not just their immediate network but also the networks of their audiences too.

These are more than surface ripples, though. They go deeper than that:

  • Trust
  • Traffic
  • Social media exposure
  • Leads
  • Sales
  • Customers

Where can I find influencers?


“The key to influencer marketing is knowing who your ideal customer is, how they buy and who can influence them during that process.”
Seth Price

Every business needs to have a solid idea of its audience or audiences. So you are already half way to finding your influencers.

All you need to do is go beyond imagining who your audience is and start finding out about what they do.

  • What sort of sites do they visit?
  • What topics interest them?
  • Which blogs do they follow?
  • What social spaces do they occupy?

Finding influencers is not too hard. Finding effective ones is something more of a challenge. And that is where experience steps in.

What makes an effective influencer?


  • Relevance
    The degree of relevance of an influencer to your niche and brand is key in attracting their attention and encouraging them to share your story, sell your services or promote your products.
  • Reach
    How many people they can reach through their content is a crucial consideration.
  • Respect
    Reach alone will not create results. They need to have a respected voice that others are likely to believe, act on and share.

And there you have it:

Relevance + Reach + Respect = Results

What results? Well, that depends what you are after.

Site traffic?
Can do.

Social media followers?
No problem.


Coming up.

Amplification of message?
Consider it done.

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