Why your bounce rate and time on page data from Google Analytics is pants

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google pants

  Let’s start with showing some love: I really appreciate all that Google Analytics offers for free. I love using it – and you are pretty much lost without some kind of Analytics to guide you through the minotaur’s labyrinth that is your website.   And now let’s be a hater: The way Google Analytics calculates bounce rate and time … Read More

Your go-to guide to Google Tag Manager

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  Quite simply you need Google Tag Manager. GTM makes your life so much easier. It dispenses with the need to go running to your web developer every time you need to add a tag, code snippet or change the way you track your audience. This go-to GTM guide is for those who are wondering what all the fuss is … Read More

Has your business been hit by a Google penalty?

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google penalty

Google has gone from being seen as everyone’s favourite uncle to being thought of as some draconian headmaster from a Victorian school. This is thanks, largely, to one thing: penalties. As such it holds the record for being the first, and only, own goal scorer from a penalty. When Google placed web spam as the responsibility of all sites receiving … Read More