Can Keyword Hero save our [not provided] organic search keyword data?

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Can Keyword Hero save our [not provided] organic search keyword data?


SEO specialists have run blind since 2011.

That was when Google pulled the plug on organic search keyword data from Google Analytics.


Its spurious reasons for doing so rang hollow – but most SEOs assumed that there were five main reasons behind the move:

$ $ $ $ $


It left paid keyword data from Google Ads as the only realistic source of info – and far from an ‘exact match’.


Keyword Hero has flown onto the scene and the SEO community is impressed.

Gosh! Could [not provided] keywords be saved?

Holy cow, Batman!


Tweets from SEOs about Keyword Hero


The great news is that Keyword Hero doesn’t just rescue the lost data – it plugs it straight back into Google Analytics.


This is not the place to go into the tech behind it – but it’s said to involve nine different sources of data and some really smart machine learning.

You don’t ask Superman how he flies as he whisks you away from a burning building, do you?


It is easy to install Keyword Hero.

Just connect up Analytics and Search Console, let the machine learning kick in and – POW! – your ‘missing’ keyword data will be visible in 24 hours via a new property created in your Google Analytics.


This keyword data is three days behind time and not real-time, but – hey – we’ve waited since 2011.


Keyword Hero is massively cheaper than its nearest competitor, Authority Labs – there’s even a free license for low usage.


Here’s what you get:


  • Keyword Hero allows you to keep all your keyword data on Google Analytics forever. So, yah boo to Search Console’s rolling three months.
  • You can monitor your best performing organic keywords’ position on the Search Engine Results Pages.
  • You can see if traffic to a page is from the sorts of keywords you are hopimg to target.
  • You can better target long tail keywords and knock those highly-competitive head terms on the head.
  • You can monitor the exact effects of Google algorithms’ spasms and rug-pulls with more detailed insight.


So, should you join the Keyword Heroes?

Hell, yeah.

Try it out today and kiss goodbye to [not provided].