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It can seem like hard work developing a content marketing strategy for your business but, once it’s in place, your content will work hard for you.

And I’m here to get it in place for you.


  • Content will attract those at the very top of your funnel
  • It will convince those in the middle
  • And it will convert those ready to buy


But more than this, content marketing is critical for your SEO.


  • Sprinkle over some social sauce
  • Inject a heavy dose of link building
  • Lubricate with a promotional push
  • And position the strong arm of a couple of influencers behind it


Great content will always deliver inbound links that boost your site’s authority.


Sounds good? Then let’s talk.


I’m a Brighton-based content marketer and strategist with more than 15 years of experience helping businesses expand their reach and build their sales online.

What’s more, friendly advice and insightful comments come free with every enquiry!


“When it comes to content and content marketing, you probably want to err on the side of making things SUPER amazing.”

Rand Fishkin


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What can you expect from Keystone Copy’s content marketing?


Well, here’s the big three:


1. Bespoke and audience-led content

Your customer personas were not developed to sit in a drawer.

Our starting point will be these, developing content that addresses their needs and catches their attention.

Similarly, you as a company have your own voice and your own objectives. We’ll build your content on the former and make sure that together we deliver the latter.


2. Flexible freelance content marketing

One of the beauties of being freelance is it allows me to work agilely with you.

For some clients, I design and implement content marketing campaigns from concept all the way through to promotion. Others have internal teams who can handle the content, they are just looking for a hand in fine-tuning their strategy.


3. Targeted content

The goals are always the same: to create and target content that gains you visitors, customers, links and higher search engine positions.

But the tactics used depend on the audience, topic and channel.

So, it could be…


  • An evergreen blog post
  • An introductory explainer video
  • A topical article
  • A helpful eBook
  • A carefully crafted curation of what’s out there
  • A timely video tutorial
  • Or an insightful White Paper


Whatever form it takes, it will provide real value for your audience, engage your customers and demonstrate your thought leadership throughout your industry.

It will be the last word, or at least the latest word, on any given topic.


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Content Marketing for links, awareness and conversions


I use content to help your business:


  • Generate new audiences
  • Nurture or convert leads
  • And build inbound links or coverage that will improve your SEO


The first two of these are pretty self-explanatory, but you may be wondering, ‘What’s the value in links?’

Well, no one outside the Big G knows exactly how Google’s search algorithm works, but the smart money says that roughly 40% of it is accounted for by how other sites link to yours.


Pie chart showing Google search ranking factors


Content is a great way to attract relevant links from authority sites. And the more of these you have the higher you are likely to appear for your search terms.


Of course, if there’s something else, other than links, new visitors and sales, that you are after, I’m happy to talk – but this is where the meat of my content marketing sandwich lies.


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Here’s what I’ve done and what I can do for you


I’ve delivered content marketing campaigns for Google, IBM, Expedia, Orbis, Abercrombie & Kent and Marks & Spencer, as well as a host of SMEs, startups and niche B2B businesses in tech, marketing or finance.

In terms of the types of content I feel comfortable snuggling up to, here are some of my bedfellows:


  • Creating news stories to secure coverage
  • Using surveys or interviews to create content
  • Developing widgets, gadgets or tools to drive traffic (it doesn’t have to be words, words, words)
  • Using quizzes, games and competitions to attract shares on social sites
  • Hosting awards and events
  • Infographics – you can find out more about these here.
  • How-to guides, instructions and tutorials – these either need to be incredibly detailed or really easy to use
  • Researching curation posts that pull the best information out there together in one accessible place
  • Writing whitepapers and eBooks which, along with other downloadable resources, offer a great way to collect leads
  • Scripting video content


The content marketing pie


cherry pie


My fingers are firmly planted in many content marketing pies – all the way from from making the pastry to plating up.

Here are the areas I can sweeten for you:


Audience research

I can help you assess what sort of content your audience actually engages with.


Content concepts

And next, I can create useful, informative or entertaining content that will make them sit up and take notice before it drives them to your website.


Competitor analysis

Of course, no one produces content in a void. Understanding what your competitors are doing can help you determine what is working and to carve out your own space and voice.


Data collection

Research papers, surveys and other data pieces are incredibly strong foundations on which to launch content campaigns. And the beauty of them is that they lend themselves to repurposing in many ways. I specialise in collecting data and making it work its little socks off for you.


Content production

Whether you have an internal team needing specifications and pointers or want someone to pull together a team of developers, creatives and videographers, I’m happy to make things happen in whatever way you need.



Publish and they will come is advice for a less crowded age. Today there are simply too many voices clamouring for attention, and yours is just one amongst many. I can help you amplify your content through link building, outreach, influencers and social promotion.


Seth Godin

Don’t be scared – not all content marketing will look like this!


Ready to build links, reach new audiences and close deals?

Let’s talk content strategy.