Frequently Asked Questions


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What are your freelance prices?


In an ideal world, I’d give you a list of jobs and a price nailed next to them.

But, every job is different in terms of requirements and output.

Once I have chatted to you I’ll get you a quote and I’ll always stick to it – but if you want a rough idea my day rate is £300. My days are 7.5 hours (but I often work at night).

Contact me to get a quote.


Who have you worked for?


You can find details of some of the companies I have worked for, and the projects I have worked on, listed here. The list is far from complete so if you would like to find out about a specific sector or niche get in touch.

To save you jumping to a new page here are some of them:

  • Google [Search giant]
  • IBM [Tech god]
  • Marks & Spencer [Iconic retailer]
  • Capri Sun [Drink dispenser]
  • Commonwealth [British institution]
  • Chemigraphic [Electronic Manufacturing]
  • Spoon Guru [Data-crunching tech]
  • Zehnder [Eco-friendly heating]
  • Selective Asia [Bespoke breaks]
  • Nedis [Electronic e-tailer]
  • Write Arm [Copywriting agency]
  • Falanx [Cybersecurity specialists]
  • Expedia [Travel titans]
  • Dragonfly [Video producers]
  • Student Room [Educational editors]
  • Abercrombie & Kent [Travel top-enders]
  • SoPro [Prospecting pro’s]
  • Video Arts [Training and tickling]
  • Your Allies [Smarketing agency]
  • Fridgexpress [Refrigerated van hirers]
  • Environet [Invasive weed investigators]
  • Letts Educational [Exam experts]
  • Rebel Office Supplies [Stationery suppliers]
  • Nexus Design & Print [Design demigods]
  • Lawpack [Will wizards]
  • Vonage [VOIP visionaries]
  • Neomam [Infographic innovators]
  • SunGard APT [Finance firm]
  • Insure&Go [Insurance enablers]
  • Shine Holistic [Health harmonisers]
  • And many more

Contact me for more information, references, case studies or to arrange an informal chat with one of the businesses I work with.


How will you work with me?


I’m flexible: how do you need help? I can work in the way that suits you best:

  • On a project basis
    Supporting your inhouse team in a defined area or for a specific time
  • On a retainer
    Offering ongoing support for a wider range of tasks
  • As a consultant
    Helping you get successful strategies in place
  • As a trainer
    Helping your staff gain new skills

It’s not unusual for my work to span all of these roles at one time with a single client!

Contact me to discuss what suits you best.


Do you just work around Brighton?


No, I live here too: let’s meet for coffee and a chat.

If you mean do all my clients come from Brighton: of course they don’t.
I work for businesses all over the country: London, Manchester, Rugby, Glasgow, Leeds and lovely Luton (my home town).

Contact me wherever you are: have laptop, will travel!


I’d like a sample page…


Ahh, that old chestnut.

I have no problems doing a sample page for you, but first I’d like to meet or at least get a thorough briefing. I don’t just fire off samples without a proper discussion:

  • There’s plenty of my work out there for you to look at.
  • And I need to get a firm grasp on your business to have a fighting chance of really knocking you out.

Let’s talk and then you’ll get a better sense of whether this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.


I was actually looking for an agency…


Sorry Keystone Copy is, in essence, just me, but if you really are looking for an agency there are some fantastic ones I can recommend with no hard feelings and no kickbacks either!

To find out more about the benefits working with me may offer you have a shimmy over to here.

Still looking for an agency? Get in touch because I’m always happy to help you find what you are looking for, even if it’s not me.


So you’re a freelancer? What happens when you can’t work?


First things first: if I don’t work I don’t get paid. Simple as that.

If I have too much work on (yippee!), get hospitalised (oh no!) or take a break (yeah right!) I have developed a network of trusted and trustworthy contacts who will make sure deadlines are met and standards are upheld.

Honest and open discussions underpin all my work. If I can’t do the work, I won’t take on the work: but I’ll always be able to help you find someone that can be equally trusted.

It’s sickening the amount of talent that’s out there when you know where to look!

Let’s talk about how I can deliver your next project.


What are your payment terms?


I invoice at the end of the month rather than on a project by project basis.

I ask for payment within 30 days of the invoice. Let me know if this will cause a problem and I’m happy to be flexible.

Let’s create an invoice together!


Why should I work with you?


I answer this question more fully here, but here’s my 5 second stuck in an elevator pitch.

  • I’m more than the sum of my parts.
    I’m a copywriter that understands SEO, an SEO technician who markets content for breakfast and a social media expert who sees the whole digital picture.
  • I’m straight-talking and honest:
    I substitute obsession and jargon for results and understanding.
  • I offer much more experience than most agency account handlers…
    At a fraction of the price.

OK, I made you miss your floor but at least you’re still listening.

Enough about me. Let’s talk about your business and its online challenges: together we can start solving them.


Do you write for printed brochures, newsletters, flyers and sales letters?


Sssshhh. I do, but I like to keep it quiet.

My selling point is my digital experience so I keep this at the forefront. My background, however, is publishing so I understand the power of print.

I often do work on corporate brochures and sales letters and am happy to quote for these. I also work closely with a number of graphic designers and printers if you’d like to place the job into one safe pair of hands.

Get in touch if you’d like to see some examples of my copywriting for print. But, please, don’t let the catalogue out the bag!


Why haven’t you answered my question?


Maybe it would be easier to talk?

Contact me for more information.