B2B prospecting – why chaser emails run tings

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B2B prospecting – why chaser emails run tings


Look away if you don’t want to know the results…

If you’re not following up on your introductory mails to B2B prospects then your lead generation potential has been halved.

That’s a lot of perfectly good cake sliced and dropped to the floor.
And you can’t have dropped cake and eat it.

Here’s some data to chew on instead.

It’s taken from my good friends over at SoPro.

These people can reel off about a million prospecting mails faster than you can say ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’.

So, I sat by and waited for the email count to hit six zeros before asking for the analytics.

The modus operandi of SoPro campaigns goes something like this:

1. Email #1:
The opening gambit (a short, informal introductory mail – carefully targeted and personalised)

2. Email #2:
The nudge (a simple forward of the initial mail with a polite follow up)

3. Email #3:
The sweetener (pretty much email#2 but with a stronger stress on why the prospect should want to have a chat)

4. Email #4:
The ‘parting is such sweet sorrow’ (this usually gets a response – you stress how much you want to talk while insisting you don’t want to be a nuisance)

Do your prospecting emails have a similar chaser sequence?

If they don’t you might want to look away one more time because the results are in.


59% of SoPro’s responses to prospecting emails came from the chasers.


Put the calculator away!

Only 41% of responses come from your big blast first mail.
(Which means we didn’t drop enough cake at the start of this blog.)


Here’s the only possible conclusion:

If you are not following up on introductory emails you are throwing away the majority of your campaign results.