B2B sales prospecting: email copywriting made easy

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B2B sales prospecting: email copywriting made easy For some reason, everything salespeople know about successful prospecting and relationship building seems to go out the window when they sit down to write an introductory email. Don’t ask me why: it just happens. Instead of writing a short, snappy introduction that will generate leads and enquiries they reach for the latest marketing … Read More

Email outreach and the best SEO guide ever

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  Here are some quick thoughts on email outreach best practice courtesy of my new buddies over at Mangools.   First the back story… This is a real-life example of just how effective email outreach can be when it’s carried out with wit, intelligence and careful research and targeting.   A while back I published the last blog post from … Read More

Is this the most useful SEO resource ever?

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moz seo

SEO can be a difficult kettle of fish for businesses to understand (and sometimes it can open a whole can of worms, but that is another matter, altogether). The response to this is, sometimes, to do nothing. This is, in my view, a big mistake. As I point out when explaining what keyword research is 93% of online experiences begin … Read More