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  • Does your lead generation have no prospects?
  • Is your lead rate letting you down?
  • Are your B2B prospecting emails more than a little listless?


Then let me help.

I’m a Brighton-based B2B prospecting email writer who looks after SoPro‘s writing team.

I’ve 5,000 lead-generating emails under my belt, so forgive me if I walk kind of odd.

Averaging lead rates of 3-4% – and posting, on champagne cork-popping days, lead rates as high as 19+% – I know the buttons to press, the tone to drop and the way to get you responses flooding in.


It’s really difficult to find a writer who can provide the focus, warmth and urgency that prospecting emails demand.
Ryan Wellmans, Co-Founder, SoPro


I’m not sure why you’re still reading – c’mon, let’s make your sales team happy!

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Why your B2b prospecting is not cutting the mustard (even when you reach out to Colman’s)

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Don’t take this the wrong way.

But even the most passionate, enthusiastic advocate in your company is probably not the best person to be writing your prospecting emails.

They are too close to the trees to sell the wood…
And too close to the battles to win the war.


What you want is someone who is not afraid to ignore what your marketing material may say and simply, conversationally sell the idea that it might be worth having a quick chat.

And it is then that your sales team can do what they do best.

Sell to an interested audience.


The aim of a prospecting mail is not to explain but to entice.

And the winning formula is to write it short and make it feel human.

Person to person not salesperson to prospect.


And that is what the best prospecting copywriters will do for you.

Make you sound human.

And make those you reach out to feel valued, enaged and interested.


Sounds easy?

Sure it does. But the second most of us sit down to write we start sounding salesy, artificial and – to be honest – we try to hard.


I think Steve Jobs said that the secret of great design is that it makes the complex simple.

For me, the secret of great prospecting is similar.


It makes it read easy and it doesn’t sound like it is trying too hard.

It’s short.

It’s sweet.

And it makes it a no-brainer to set up a call.


Want to see what I mean?

Check out these blog posts or make it even easier – put in a call and I’ll bring in the enquiries.

And then it’s over to you.


Let’s do it…