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Great content is the cornerstone of effective SEO. Great content marketed well is its pinnacle. Find out how you can reach the top.

Content marketing
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Word of mouth has always been the promotional holy grail. In a connected world of vast networks its called influencer marketing. Want to amplify your voice?

Influencer outreach
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Links make authority; authority gives you search visibility. Don´t let the threat of penalties hold you back: you can build links without ending up in chains.

Link building services
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The foundation of all SEO work is the audit. Without it you are in danger of building your strategy on quicksand. Learn exactly what your site audit could be teaching you.

SEO Audit
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If your business is based in and serves a local area (or areas) then you need Local SEO. It is highly effective and relatively quick to return results.

Local SEO
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Onpage optimisation keeps you on target. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens onpage on has massive search implications.

Onpage SEO
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Keyword research and the effective use of it for SEO has changed radically recently. Explore what intent, semantics and hummingbirds may mean for your site.

Keyword research


You shouldn’t need an SEO expert to tell you this…


“Build it and they will come” is for dreamers.

And for many businesses SEO is the wake-up call.

They’ve deliberated over the design of their website, squabbled about its structure, crafted the copy, picked the pictures and, finally, launched their labour of love.

Ta dah! Job done: clear the decks for the onslaught of new business enquiries.

But nothing happens.

That hot prospect finder begins to look more like a damp squib. Where are the leads, where are the visitors, where are the fruits of all that hard work?

Unfortunately the truth is that building a site is simply the start. The real work has yet to begin.

SEO is not just a rude wake-up call: it’s also a very useful calling card.

It lets people know you have arrived and mean business. More importantly, it brings you that business. It makes phones ring, emails ping and gets doors opening.

I can help you audit your site for SEO issues, research your keywords, create and promote content, build your links and establish your local presence. I can place your business on the search map and help your target audience find you.

Build it and they will come’ is a motto for hopelessly deluded romantics: let’s go after the real business and leave the dreamers to their sleep.