Who is Keystone Copy?


mat fidge

Keystone Copy is me, Mat Fidge.

Sorry to disappoint if you were expecting seven incompetent policemen starring in a silent comedy.

There’s just one of me, but I’m skilled at what I do and I promise to take all the farce out of copywriting, SEO and PPC services.


I’m a copywriter and digital marketing specialist. I have, for my sins, been ‘doing digital’ for over 15 years, so I span keyword stuffing to rich semantics in SEO terms. If you want to know why you should work with me my elevator pitch is below, but strap yourself in because I’m going all the way up to the top floor.


cartoon of woman on phone complaining about long elevator pitch


Honesty and integrity

Against strong advice, I have used the first person throughout my service description. I am not a team. I am not an agency. I am a freelancer and very happy to be so.

You tell me what you want to achieve, and I try to tell it like it is and get the best results possible. There are no Chinese whispers and there’s no double talk. I keep everything above board and always keep you in the loop.

I’m pretty friendly too. (Is this a dating site?)


Proven track record

I’ve worked for companies small and large. I’ve worked locally, nationally and internationally. I’ve worked inhouse with teams offering training or consulting services. I’ve had projects outsourced from as far away as Australia or as close to home as Hove.

Here are some of the businesses I’ve provided services to:

  • Google [Search giant]
  • IBM [Tech god]
  • Marks & Spencer [Iconic retailer]
  • Capri Sun [Drink dispenser]
  • Commonwealth [British institution]
  • Chemigraphic [Electronic Manufacturing]
  • Spoon Guru [Data-crunching tech]
  • Zehnder [Eco-friendly heating]
  • Selective Asia [Bespoke breaks]
  • Nedis [Electronic e-tailer]
  • Write Arm [Copywriting agency]
  • Falanx [Cybersecurity specialists]
  • Expedia [Travel titans]
  • Dragonfly [Video producers]
  • Student Room [Educational editors]
  • Abercrombie & Kent [Travel top-enders]
  • SoPro [Prospecting pro’s]
  • Video Arts [Training and tickling]
  • Your Allies [Smarketing agency]
  • Fridgexpress [Refrigerated van hirers]
  • Environet [Invasive weed investigators]
  • Letts Educational [Exam experts]
  • Rebel Office Supplies [Stationery suppliers]
  • Nexus Design & Print [Design demigods]
  • Lawpack [Will wizards]
  • Vonage [VOIP visionaries]
  • Neomam [Infographic innovators]
  • SunGard APT [Finance firm]
  • Insure&Go [Insurance enablers]
  • Shine Holistic [Health harmonisers]
  • And many more


Digital expertise

I have provided compelling content, managed online advertising campaigns, developed websites, implemented SEO initiatives and satisfied social audiences for fifteen years.

That’s a lot of change and a lot more experience.

  • If you want copy and content… it comes instilled with my SEO expertise.
  • If you want PPC… you get a skilled copywriter for your ads.
  • If you need social media management… you get someone who sees the whole digital landscape.
  • If you are looking for SEO… you get a content marketing guru to sagely harvest your links.

Why go for an out of the box solution when you could have the complete package?



There are no office overheads, staff salaries, agency commissions, boozy lunches or snoozy siestas to add to your bill.
So you get a cost-effective service with no hidden extras.

Working with me adds value without adding unnecessary costs.


Extended reach

Over the years I’ve built up a range of contacts in copywriting, SEO, PPC and all things digital.

When you work with me I work to your deadlines, and, on the rare occasions I can’t, I discuss your options with you. There are always people I trust who can make sure your work is delivered to the standard you expect and in your time frame.

I don’t farm work out but I do harvest talent if I need to, and I absorb any extra costs rather than pass them on to you.


Clear pricing

This leads nicely to pricing.

The price I quote you is the price you will pay and if, for any reason, you are not happy with elements of the work I will rework it until you are. That’s why I always do my best to get things absolutely spot on the first time.

I can’t tell you now what a job will cost – I need to chat to you first.

In this line of work there are just so many variables, approaches and requirements. But I’m always happy to provide a firm quote as soon as the scope is clearly outlined – and I’ll always stick to my quote.


Fast but not loose

Another benefit of working with a lone gun rather than heavy artillery is that things get done fast. My turnaround time for projects sometimes amazes even me and I cannot think of an example where I have missed a deadline that was in any way within my control.

At the same time, I always deliver considered copy, creative content, successful social, profitable PPC and strategic SEO.

That is to say, I deliver results fast.


What do you get from me?

You get clarity, honesty, efficiency and quality. As I said, I aim to take the farce out of copywriting, SEO, PPC and social media.

Why not get in touch to see if this approach could work for you?



We’re at floor 478, the pitch is over and you’re free to go. Here, though, take my card: the numbers 07984 132756.

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