What does Google want?

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What does Google want?   Freud famously commented, over a hundred years ago, that: “the great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?” Today the great question is different. Millions of pounds, dollars and yen … Read More

How do search engines work?

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keyword research represented by google logo and magnifying glass

How do search engines work?   Search engines are incredibly complex yet what they do is surprisingly simple. They crawl the internet to find new or updated sites and pages (so that they can establish what’s out there). They build an index that categorises each and every page (so that they can easily find them for you when you search). … Read More

The Big G and the importance of online search

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Online search

  The importance of online search How many times have you reached for your mobile and tapped its browser – or uttered “OK Google” – to search for… What’s on at the cinema tonight? The opening hours of a restaurant? The latest football scores? Or to settle an argument over whether Chewbacca is male or female? (In case you’re wondering … Read More

Fast track SEO course

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  Fast track SEO course In a series of posts I offer an accessible introduction to SEO for anyone who has stared at Google’s results pages and wondered why they aren’t there. The simple answer is: you should be. And I’m about to show you how you could be.   These posts are adapted from a complete Fast track SEO … Read More

What is SEO?

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  What is SEO? The biggest SEO secret out there is this: it’s not all that hard. There are hundreds of simple changes you can make to your site and ways to build links to it that could almmost be part of your daily routine. And, in fact, they should.   But to many business and website owners, and to … Read More

Brighton Rocks: Tech hub central

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brighton bandstand in a digital style

Part of a series of posts on why Brighton is a great place to live, work and be. London’s claim to be the nation’s favourite tech hub is under fire from cities all over the nation, and leading the charge is our very own Brighton and Hove. In fact 74% of all digital firms are now based beyond the capital, … Read More

Is this the most useful SEO resource ever?

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moz seo

SEO can be a difficult kettle of fish for businesses to understand (and sometimes it can open a whole can of worms, but that is another matter, altogether). The response to this is, sometimes, to do nothing. This is, in my view, a big mistake. As I point out when explaining what keyword research is 93% of online experiences begin … Read More

Has your business been hit by a Google penalty?

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google penalty

Google has gone from being seen as everyone’s favourite uncle to being thought of as some draconian headmaster from a Victorian school. This is thanks, largely, to one thing: penalties. As such it holds the record for being the first, and only, own goal scorer from a penalty. When Google placed web spam as the responsibility of all sites receiving … Read More

Brighton rocks: Start-up central

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brighton fuse

Part of a series of posts on why Brighton is a great place to live, work and be. Brighton is exciting. It is creative. It is constantly evolving. Best of all there is a fantastic tech scene, promoted and promulgated by Wired Sussex, and a wealth of new companies looking for copywriters, SEO experts and digital marketing gurus. It’s my … Read More