Fast track SEO course

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  Fast track SEO course In a series of posts I offer an accessible introduction to SEO for anyone who has stared at Google’s results pages and wondered why they aren’t there. The simple answer is: you should be. And I’m about to show you how you could be.   These posts are adapted from a complete Fast track SEO … Read More

What is SEO?

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  What is SEO? The biggest SEO secret out there is this: it’s not all that hard. There are hundreds of simple changes you can make to your site and ways to build links to it that could almmost be part of your daily routine. And, in fact, they should.   But to many business and website owners, and to … Read More

Is this the most useful SEO resource ever?

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SEO can be a difficult kettle of fish for businesses to understand (and sometimes it can open a whole can of worms, but that is another matter, altogether). The response to this is, sometimes, to do nothing. This is, in my view, a big mistake. As I point out when explaining what keyword research is 93% of online experiences begin … Read More