On-page SEO: Is your page speed slowing your site down?

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Google, Page Speed & SEO

If you’ve been following this fast track SEO course you should feel pretty good: you are almost up to speed. You’ve researched your content and keywords. You’re using schema markup. You’ve made sure your social shares will be optimised. And you’ve optimised your site structure to the hilt. Nothing can stop your bid for serach engine domination. Except for that … Read More

On-page SEO: Site structure, content hubs and internal links

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In this post we’re going to tackle how the way you structure your site can affect your SEO. If you’re late joining us you can play catch up here – where a list of all the posts in this fast track SEO course series can be found. Better still you can access the much more comprehensive course itself over at … Read More

On-page SEO and Schema Markup

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Schema and structured data for SEO

In the last post we saw how Google is getting smarter by the day. So, if search engines have never been smarter, does that mean it’s okay for your website to be a bit dumber? Unfortunately, not. In fact, it has never been more important for your website to actually be smarter and better structured than ever. Drat! Don’t worry … Read More

On-page SEO and Google’s Knowledge Graph

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Knowledge Graph

  In the latest post taken from my fast track SEO course – available here – we’re going to look at the Knowledge Graph. Nothing else reveals just how sophisticated Google has become as its Knowledge Graph project. In fact, if truth be told, it’s a bit spooky.       On-page SEO and Google’s Knowledge Graph   Google’s mission … Read More

On-page SEO: How to deal with duplicate content

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SEO & Duplicate Content

  Duplicate content may not be what you think it is. But it is a big problem.   In these excerpts from my Fast Track SEO Course we’ve skipped a lot of essential on-page SEO guides to get to this issue. (But don’t worry the complete course is available for just £4.99 from Amazon).   The reason we’re in such … Read More

On-page SEO: Understanding Meta Titles and Meta Descriptions

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Meta titles and meta descriptions

  Your fast track SEO course continues apace. In the last post we looked at choosing keywords to target. And now it’s time to make them work for you. One of the most important ways you can do this is through your meta titles and meta descriptions.   What are meta titles and, more importantly, how do you write ones … Read More

Understanding Keyword Research and the Long Tail

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Keyword research

  So far in these samples from my Fast Track SEO Course we have looked at how search engines work – we’re now about to turn to how you can make them work for you. You can catch up on any posts you missed here – but, if you’re late to the party, you’ll have to excuse us. We’re going to … Read More

Understanding search engine results pages (SERPs)

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Understanding search engine results pages (SERPs)   So, we’ve seen how Google works. And we’ve looked at how it ranks different pages. It’s now time to turn our attention to the holy grail of all SEOs: the sacrosanct SERP, or search engine results page.   Here’s a typical SERP:     We’ve all seen it but let’s take a look … Read More

Google’s Ranking Factors

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google ranking factors

Google’s ranking factors   In the last few posts I’ve been looking at what SEO is and how search engines work. You’ll be glad to hear that we are now starting to turn our attention to how you can make search engines work for you. Yep, it’s called SEO.   But don’t confuse SEO with Fight Club. The first rule … Read More

What does Google want?

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What does Google want?   Freud famously commented, over a hundred years ago, that: “the great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ‘What does a woman want?” Today the great question is different. Millions of pounds, dollars and yen … Read More

How do search engines work?

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keyword research represented by google logo and magnifying glass

How do search engines work?   Search engines are incredibly complex yet what they do is surprisingly simple. They crawl the internet to find new or updated sites and pages (so that they can establish what’s out there). They build an index that categorises each and every page (so that they can easily find them for you when you search). … Read More

The Big G and the importance of online search

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Online search

  The importance of online search How many times have you reached for your mobile and tapped its browser – or uttered “OK Google” – to search for… What’s on at the cinema tonight? The opening hours of a restaurant? The latest football scores? Or to settle an argument over whether Chewbacca is male or female? (In case you’re wondering … Read More