Email outreach and the best SEO guide ever

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Here are some quick thoughts on email outreach best practice courtesy of my new buddies over at Mangools.


First the back story…

This is a real-life example of just how effective email outreach can be when it’s carried out with wit, intelligence and careful research and targeting.


A while back I published the last blog post from my Fast Track SEO series.


There are about 30 posts in total – certainly too many to count – and the series gives you enough to get out there and grab your slice of the Google action.

(There’s plenty more advice to grab a larger slice in the published version of this course – available for a fiver over at Amazon)

seo course


The last post was my parting gift to those who’d shared the SEO learning journey with me and it included four indispensible and comprehensive guides to the science and art of optimisation.

(Naturally, the fourth was my own…)


Since publishing it I received this outreach email.


outreach email


I loved it.

So much so that I wrote – pretty much immediately – back saying exactly that.


Here I am (in full gush mode):


email outreach reply


Well, it’s taken over a month but here I am sorting Maros out.

And the truth is that Learn SEO in 2018 is a hyper-useful, super-easy and satisfyingly-comprehensive.

It’s a great intro to SEO – packed with tips and insight and sprinked with humour – and it’s 100% free.


learn seo cover


Here’s the other thing.

I won’t be hitting Maros up for a backlink – not because I’m nice like that, but because I have gained a valuable enough lesson in how to write an outreach email that hits the sweet spot.

In this last point, I’m not alone.

In a handy blog post Maros goes on to detail other responses he received similar to mine – and notes a 16% success rate to his backlink-seeking email.

He also offers 9 actionable tips on researching, crafting and winning those links through an outreach campaign promoting your content.


The truth is that creating content is just half the battle.

I won’t repeat the lessons that can be found over at the Mangools’ blog – but I would encourage anyone who wants to gain an insight into successful outreach to head over and see for themselves.


email outreach success image

So there you have it.

The (actual) last FastTrack SEO post.

(Until next time!)