The link building spectrum: from link building to link earning

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link building spectrum

In the last post we wheeled out that Matt Cutts quote about links. The former Head of Web Spam at Google told us that: “The objective is not to ‘make your links appear natural’, the objective is that your links are natural.”   What lies behind all this talk about ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ links is a strong preference that Google … Read More

The ranking factors of backlinks for SEO

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google logo

In the last post from this Fast Track SEO Course we looked at how trust, authority and a heavy-handed sprinkling of topicality (or relevance) can make for a potent link from one site to yours. But Google uses many other shades than these on its ‘ranking links’ palette. Picture the Big G, if you will, in a fetching smock standing … Read More

Why links matter for SEO – and why not all links are equal

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links for seo

In the last post of this series we revealed just how important backlinks are to your SEO. If you want to be wowed click back and find out. (It amazes us every time we look.)   But here’s the thing.   Links are important for SEO. But not all links are equal.   We’re going to start by looking at … Read More

Links – the lynch-pin of successful off-page SEO

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links for seo

  So far in this Fast Track SEO Course post series you have come across three main types of links.   Internal links These are links that you make between one page and another on your site. External links These are links that you place on your webpages that link to pages on other websites. Backlinks These are links that … Read More

Social media and SEO: charting the correlations

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socialo media and seo correlations

  In this post from our Fast Track SEO Course series we are going to look at the influence of social signals on your Google ranking.  If you wouldn’t mind placing this hard hat on and donning this full body armour. There: that’s better. You are entering a combat arena.   Social media and SEO: charting the correlations  The relationship … Read More

The importance of off-page optimisation for SEO

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Off-page SEO

  Hey SEO wizard! You now know how to build and structure your website to get maximum SEO benefit from it. And that is really saying something. But now it’s time to look at off-page optimisation.   The importance of off-page optimisation for SEO   Whilst we don’t want to pull the plug on your now-I-really-get-on-page-optimisation party, it is worthwhile … Read More

Your On-page SEO checklist

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On-page SEO Checklist

  It’s time for an unplanned post. Because the posts here do not cover half of what is in the complete Fast Track SEO Course it may be useful to post a checklist that includes some of the things missed out. So, before you hit publish on your website, here is your on-page SEO checklist.   All the previous posts … Read More

On-page SEO: Is your page speed slowing your site down?

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Google, Page Speed & SEO

If you’ve been following this fast track SEO course you should feel pretty good: you are almost up to speed. You’ve researched your content and keywords. You’re using schema markup. You’ve made sure your social shares will be optimised. And you’ve optimised your site structure to the hilt. Nothing can stop your bid for serach engine domination. Except for that … Read More

On-page SEO: Site structure, content hubs and internal links

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In this post we’re going to tackle how the way you structure your site can affect your SEO. If you’re late joining us you can play catch up here – where a list of all the posts in this fast track SEO course series can be found. Better still you can access the much more comprehensive course itself over at … Read More

On-page SEO and Schema Markup

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Schema and structured data for SEO

In the last post we saw how Google is getting smarter by the day. So, if search engines have never been smarter, does that mean it’s okay for your website to be a bit dumber? Unfortunately, not. In fact, it has never been more important for your website to actually be smarter and better structured than ever. Drat! Don’t worry … Read More

On-page SEO and Google’s Knowledge Graph

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Knowledge Graph

  In the latest post taken from my fast track SEO course – available here – we’re going to look at the Knowledge Graph. Nothing else reveals just how sophisticated Google has become as its Knowledge Graph project. In fact, if truth be told, it’s a bit spooky.       On-page SEO and Google’s Knowledge Graph   Google’s mission … Read More